Complimentary Checking

It doesn’t get any easier than a complimentary checking account with no monthly fee from Central Bank. To help you get started on the path to reaching your financial goals, we provide your first check order and ATM or debit card. Our secure online banking and bill payment service and mobile banking app provide 24/7 access to your account and allow you to manage your money with confidence and peace of mind.

  • No Monthly Fee

  • First ATM/Debit Card Complimentary

  • Mobile Banking and Online Banking with NetTeller Bill Payment

  • 24-Hour Telephone Banking

  • Cashier’s Checks for $1,000.00+

  • First Check Order Complimentary (120 Basic Checks)

  • Monthly Statements

  • Notary Service

  • $100 Minimum to Open This Account

Now Account

Let your checking account earn money for you when you open a Now Account with us. This account includes cashier’s checks, online and mobile banking service, and your first ATM or debit card. A Now Account acts as a standard checking account with no withdrawal limits and 24/7 access to your funds whenever you need them, while also earning you money with interest paid on your daily balance.

  • $1,000 Minimum to Open

  • Interest Paid on Monthly Balance

  • First ATM/Debit Card 

  • Mobile Banking and Online Banking with NetTeller Bill Payment

  • Cashier’s Checks

  • Notary Service

  • $12.50 Monthly Service Charge Only if Daily Balance Falls Below $1,000 on Any Day of Month

To be eligible for a Now Account, you must be either;

  • An Individual
  • A Non-Profit Organization
  • An Account in Which Money Benefits the Above

Golden Now Account

Seniors 50 and up looking to boost their financial standing have access to our Golden Now Account. With a lower opening minimum, this account offers the same benefits as our standard Now Account with the same eligibility requirements.

  • $500 Minimum to Open

  • Interest Paid on Monthly Balance

  • First ATM/Debit Card

  • Mobile Banking and Online Banking with NetTeller Bill Payment

  • Cashier’s Checks

  • Notary Service

  • $12.50 Monthly Service Charge Only if Daily Balance Falls Below $500 on Any Day of Month

Golden Now Account eligibility requirements are the same as our standard Now Account.


Passbook Savings

Save money and gain financial security with a savings account at Central Bank. Our Passbook Savings account accrues interest daily on your deposited funds and pays quarterly so you can grow your nest egg over time with just a $50 minimum deposit to open. We know rainy days come around sooner than later sometimes, so your account allows for 6 withdrawals per month and up to 15 per quarter without withdrawal fees.

  • $50 Minimum Deposit to Open Account

  • Interest on your Funds Accrues Daily and Pays Quarterly

  • 6 Withdrawals Per Month, No More than 15 Withdrawals Per Quarter (a fee of $1 per transaction will be charged for each withdrawal in excess of 15 during a quarter).

  • 24-Hour Access Available through ATMs and Phone, Online, or Mobile Banking

$3.00 per month will be charged if daily balance falls below $500.00 on any day.

Certificates of Deposit

Invest in the future with a certificate of deposit that fits your needs. We offer a range of interest rate options and term limits so that you can choose the right investment plan for you. Choose your investment amount and term limit and let your funds grow over time. Convenient automatic renewal allows your matured funds to continue accruing interest and interest payment options let you benefit from your investment sooner than later. Our experienced customer service representatives are available to discuss our current rates and assist you in choosing the right certificate of deposit for you.

  • $1,000 Minimum Deposit to Open a Certificate of Deposit

  • Competitive Rates

  • Convenient Automatic Renewal

Penalties may be imposed for early withdrawal.  Call (731) 925-9046 for terms.

Debit/ATM Cards

When you open a checking account with us, we provide your first ATM or debit card. These cards provide easy and convenient access to your accounts from any ATM, including both checking and savings accounts. Using a secure personal identification number, or PIN, your card lets you perform balance inquiries, cash withdrawals, and fund transfers at any ATM as well as make deposits when available. A debit card differs from an ATM card in that this card can be used to make payments at stores, online, and over the phone wherever debit and credit cards are accepted.

Individual Retirement Accounts

Secure your future when you invest in an Individual Retirement Account with Central Bank. We offer Traditional IRA, Roth IRA, and Coverdell Education Savings Accounts so you can set aside your retirement funds in an account that works best with your financial goals. We recommend discussing your investment preferences, expected tax rate, and long-term goals with your tax advisor so you can select the best option for you. Schedule an appointment at your Central Bank branch to speak to our customer service staff about account requirements and opening your IRA today.

Money Market Program

When you’re in need of a secure and accessible way to save for emergencies or substantial expenditures, a Money Market Account may be just the solution you’re looking for. Much like a standard savings account, your deposited funds accrue interest daily and pay quarterly with full online banking services available. Your interest rate payment is based on the smallest daily balance in your account based on the tiered amounts listed below.

  • $5000 minimum deposit to open this account
  • Interest on your funds accrues daily and pays monthly
  • 6 withdrawals allowed per month ($12.50 service fee applies for each withdrawal above the 6 allowed)
  • $12.50 monthly service charge only if daily balance falls below $5000 on any day of month
  • Online Banking with Bill Pay
  • 24 Hour access available through Telephone Banking or Online Banking
  • Interest Rate Payment Tiers
    • $5,000 – $ 24,999
    • $25,000 – $49,999
    • $50,000 – $99,999
    • $100,000 and above

Just 4 Kids Savings

Prepare for the future and teach important financial lessons with our Just 4 Kids Savings account for children 18 and under. Open a new account with just $10 and enjoy no minimum balance or monthly service fees. This account provides an easy way to save money for an education or to prepare for transitioning to life as an adult.

  • Only a $ 10 minimum deposit to open this account
  • No minimum balance or monthly service fee (a fee of $1 will be imposed for debits in excess of 15)

Consumer Loans

From life’s little surprises to some of its biggest moments, you can look to Central Bank for consumer loans and lines of credit that fit your needs and budget. Learn more about our available options on our Lending Center page.

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